Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues

Ok. So its summer. As in school is over and I've started my internsip. Having no homework is awesome, however I can't shake off this feeling of guilt from not doing any for so long, even though I have none.
To solve this problem I've been drawing more than usual and working on my film for next year. Thus far I've got the story and the characters sorted out, and I've just started thumbnailing the storyboard. I might post more of the design stuff later, but for now, here's some other things!

Video games are another plus to it being summer. So heres some video game art. I love Zelda and I love Pokemon. So deal with it.


Carrie Liao said...

I like how loose and energetic your doodles are (particularly the pokemon ones...I miss playing pokemon! haha)

where's your internship at?

Courtney Breau said...

Its at an effects studio in Toronto called Alphachannel. They're super small, but I really like it because I've been getting a lot of one on one time and I've been producing stuff instead of just photocopying and the like. Also, thanks!

Christina Dee said...


That girl is pure 80's right there, I love it! Really adorable Pokemon and Zelda drawings too. Kudos for getting a head start on your film, I'm still working on shortening mine D:

Courtney Breau said...

Thanks! And good luck with your film too, I really like what you've had going so far.