Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Alvin Aquino said...

hey courtney!
i really like this sketch and the mother's day painting. they're frigging sweet! how've you been? what have you been up to!? hows gootz?

Courtney Breau said...

Thanks! We're pretty good. Gootz is alright, he's starting work at Cuppa Coffee in a couple weeks. How've you been?

Alvin Aquino said...

i'm doin pretty good as well. i just moved into a new apartment here at charlottetown. i was working at trapeze for a few months and now i'm working at a video game company called other ocean down here. looking forward to the summer in pei. it's a totally different city in the summer.

great to hear bout gootz finding a job... hopfeully cuppa treats him well. his drawings are frigging sweet.